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2019 Crew Meeting Minutes



USS Tutuila Association September 14, 2019 Meeting Minutes


John Ward, President called the meeting to order at 9:00 am.

Members in attendance:

Stuart Cook, Noel Cotton, Charlie Estelle, Guy Veni, John Ward, Bob Walker, Walt Rogers, Pete, Schmaldienst, Bill Tennison, Ted Powers, Don Herr, Doug Skinner, Mike Lang, Glenn Lindfors, Jerry Grove, Jim Soran, Fred Ancona, Jorge Guerra, Leonard Zeringue, Jim Connolly, Larry Gordon, Ron Swisher.

Minutes of the 2018 meeting were read by Charlie Estelle and approved as submitted.

Guy gave a demonstration of the website, and he also recorded the minutes of this meeting!

  • ·        He showed the key areas of the site, Newsletters, Ship’s Store, Ship’s Library, Members Area, Crews Books, Members Pictures, etc.

  • ·        He showed a new option to pay dues online where the site would record the payment and automatically bill our members each year.

  • ·        He showed that we could also have an option just to pay one time.

  • ·        We would lose the option of paying via the ships store for multiple years?


​Guy Veni made a suggestion that it was no longer necessary to send out dues cards & reminders via “US Mail”, now that we have the website (WWW.USSTUTUILA.ORG) and Email blasts to remind everyone! This was agreed to by all members in attendance.


New Business:

  • John Ward discussed our options for going to Norfolk. Doug Skinner made a motion to approve Norfolk (April 15th – 19th) for the 2020 reunion. Vote was taken & approved by the members present.

  • We discussed having the reunion in Nashville TN in 2021.Noel Cotton said he would research it as host. He will let us know what options we have at our next meeting.

  • Guy discussed and demonstrated a reverse raffle that could be used to increase money from the raffle. He also showed options for how much to sell the tickets and what the association could make. John recommended that it be discussed further in an executive meeting.

  • John recognized new members that attended the reunion and crew meeting

  • ​A motion was made & seconded to activate the “auto-pay” option on the website, and was approved by all members present! Guy Veni also explained how he (as webmaster) can control access to the website depending on whether a person is a dues paying member or not

  • Guy Veni spoke about adding Vanity Plates to the “Ships Store” stock (@ $15 each) and all agreed to add them.

  • Pete Schmaldinest suggested adding “Belt Buckles” to the ships store stock?

  • John Ward explained the problems that he and Charlie had with the city of Savannah, GA. related to a 3 day liquor license, etc.! He also noted that the city of Norfolk, VA was very cooperative regarding the same issues.


Election of Officers

John made motion for election of new officers: Existing officers were re-elected unanimously.


John closed the meeting at 10:45 am

General Meeting Information:

1.     The Banquet was held on Friday evening 09/13/19. The “Ships Plaque” was won by Jerry Grove!

2.     The raffle also had (3) winners:

First prize = Bill Quirple

Second prize = Fred DeStefano

Third  Prize = Marla Molzen

3.     51 people were in attendance

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